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  • Loving the ozone oil!! I’ve been using it for over a week now and my skin is so soft and it has reduced the look of acne scars I had from teen years. I had two hormonal breakouts and the ozone oil really made a huge difference in minimizing and healing those once applied and less of my pores are filled in general because of its antibacterial properties. The smell is so invigorating and addicting! My boyfriend loves to put it on as well and we find the fresh smell helps us to wake up in the morning. Scott is very helpful and knowledgeable and it’s nice to support a local business. 5 stars!!


  • Chatted with you when you set up in Lifestyles market in Victoria and again at Moss Street Market. I have a horrible sclerosis skin condition, autoimmune challenge and its been attacking my most tender skin for the last 20 years. I’ve even had it on my gums, causing bone deep itching, skin splitting, swelling and disfigurement. Our western medicine has nothing to offer but corticosteroid cream, which has, aside from taxing your liver a host of side effects. I have learned over the last 5 years to control the worst of the condition with alterations to my diet, but if I eat the wrong thing, which is hard to avoid, I will have a flare up. I bought the o3 oil, used it and had instant overnight results! It heals me, and I’m probably using it about once a week in tiny amounts. Very grateful that I’ve been introduced to this product. Thank you See you at the market!

    Carol Sherman - Victoria Resident

  • I have some acne on my back and after using Loved by Hollis ozone oil for just 3 days I can already see favourable results. The acne started to dry up and became less visible. I also have sensitive skin and I find it hard to find products that will not irritate my skin and when I used ozone oil it had nothing but positive effects.

    Erika - Resident - Vic City, BC

  • Hi Loved by Hollis! I had to share this experience... In India my doctor used ozone oil a lot for nerve pain relief. I met you at Moss Street Market and I was in so much pain when I was talking to you. I am suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia, very painful condition. By the time I got in the bus downtown I could still smell your ozone oil on my hand and the odour calmed down my pain! You have a quality product as the smell stayed with me for a long time. Thank you so much!

    Lali P - Resident - Vic City, BC

  • Not only is the company something I’ve watched from the beginning, I loved Hollis (and was lucky enough to be loved by her), as well as Scott, who has created products that have changed my life. The ozone oil is packed in my hiking bag for every hike, has reduced sunburns to lovely tans within a few hours, made bug bites stop itching instantly, helped heal cuts and scrapes, keep splinters clean until they can be removed, and has also helped with a 15 year fight with cystic acne. At 28 years old my skin is finally clearing after just 5 days of using this product consistently on my jawline and cheeks. I had a stubborn cyst there for 2 weeks that was gone within 2 days, and new one popped up and is gone after 2 days. My skin is brighter and more plump, scars are slowly fading, and my confidence is raising! My partner struggles with dry, chapped lips due to working outside and in stuffy, dirty places and the lip balm is healing his lips very quickly. The body cream is working away at my eczema and dry spots, which are nearly gone now! Every product has served a massive purpose and brought so much relief to myself and my family. Thank you LBH, I’m forever grateful. 💜

    Britt Luck - Vancouver, BC

  • I’ve been struggling with hormonal acne on my cheeks, I’m even on a skincare routine and nothing seems to be helping or making a huge difference. 2 weeks using ozone oil and I am no longer getting breakouts on my cheeks this product is AMAZING! I still have scarring from the acne which will take time to heal but I have found the ozone oil is making the scarring less red. Wish I found this product sooner!

    Leah Matanovic - Vic City, BC

  • So happy to have these products in my life. The sunscreen is truly the only sunscreen I’ve ever tried that felt nourishing for my skin and protected me from burning. Not only that, my first time using it was on my already sunburned skin and by the next day my skin was calm, moisturized and even tanned. The oil also does wonders, I use it on eczema spots and irritated hair follicles post-shaving. Not even exaggerating, it’s within minutes I already feel soothing and overnight the redness is substantially reduced. I can’t recommend these products more!!

    Kristen B - Healer, Vic City, BC

  • I have been using the Loved by Hollis products for 30 plus days and can truly say I have noticed increase well being mentally and physically. I have my 86 year old mom on some of the products and she is noticing the same increase in well being. Thank you Norm Sipos

    Norm Sipos - Vic City Resident, BC

  • The ozone oil has been a life changer! It’s greatly improved my texture, radiance and overall tone. I’ve struggled with redness as well as hormonal acne for as long as i can remember and as most do, have spent a ridiculous amount of money and time on products that just don’t deliver. The ozone oil couldn’t have come at a better time, and I saw results virtually immediately!

    Zabeth Pries - Avid Supporter of Natural Products

  • My boyfriend and I tried the ozone oil and within days it cleared up our acne, including blackheads, it worked on eczema, rashes, and any other of our skin impurities. Not only did we use it on our face, but it worked for every other skin surface on our body. the ozone oil also turned our sunburns directly into a tan without peeling. we then used it before entering the sun and it hugely reduced the sun from affecting our skin. I had a bad bathing suit rash and put the ozone oil on it and overnight i noticed significant reduction of irritation and redness as well as anti-inflammation. Thank you so so much for changing the quality of skin care, and creating a product that works for all skin types!!!! best, Braelyn & Patrick

    Braelyn & Patrick - Vic City Residents

  • I just want to shout your name from the roof tops!! My 17yr old daughter has suffered with severe acne for over 3 yrs, this past year being the worst. We have tried medical grade skin care products, laser therapy, and prescription medicine...nothing worked. I came across your product at my yoga studio, Quantum and thought why not??? It has been only 4 days of use and OMG a drastic improvement. I don't think the photo does it justice. Her once angry, inflamed acne is way, way less red and angry, and the old scars are already fading. As a very protective momma bear it hurts to see your kid hurting, so thank you so much for gifting us this incredible product. Much love and gratitude 💜💜

    Sheena T - Yogi Mom

  • “The ozone oil is magic!! I’ve been suffering from really bad acne on my cheeks from the masks the last two years as well has severe eczema on my face for years. I’ve tried everything for both conditions and nothing has helped. Just two days of using the ozone oil, I could see a huge difference in my skin, even the scars from the acne looked fainter! A red/dry patch on my face that has been there for years looked significantly better after just one use and after a week, it’s gone. MAGIC! I highly recommend this product, you won’t be disappointed!!”

    Sofy T - Physiotherapist, BC

  • Game changer! I tried the oil on a cluster of ant bites on my leg and within an hour the swelling had gone down and the itching had stopped. I applied it again before bed and in the morning the swelling was completely gone and all that was left were small red circles that were 1/4 the size they were the day prior. Talk about speeding up healing time, WOW!

    Kim - Proud Moma & Entrepreneur, Ontario

  • Wow! The oil is amazing for lip care!, there was immensely LESS pain and discomfort than EVER before in my life! And the scar is already disappearing. I also use a bit on the incision scar from surgery in November. In only 2 weeks it looks like its been years instead of months since the operation. Thanks Scott! I will be recommending this oil!

    Kelly - Yoga Teacher, Ontario

  • I have just received the sun cream and lip balm to the UK within 8 days! Such fast delivery and The Freelance Healer gets your order out straight away too! I really like both products and they really smooth on, and the funny thing is it feels nice wearing natural products. I would highly recommend... - Our biggest UK fan

  • Amazing must-have product! We love using this product for all of the things. From cuts and scrapes on the kids, to brushing our teeth and gums with it, to mixing it with essential oils for headache relief!! It literally is endless. Such a great product to have in your tool kit!!

    Brianne - Repeat Client, ON

  • Great products! I had a rash on my arm and no matter what the doctors prescribed nothing worked until now...Completely cleared up with ozone where have you been LBH? I went back online and purchased the sun cream and lip balm and have since tossed out all other products. Did I mention they are a small boutique Canadian company?

    Paul F - Friend who loves what we do.

  • I have been using the ozone oil for a little while now and I am loving it. I’ve been using it to help clear up a few irritated spots that scabbed and wouldn’t heal, the oil is working incredibly well! I am no longer feeling uncomfortable and the spots are almost gone. I can’t say enough about this product, it has definitely become a must-have in my home!

    Morgan G - Supporter of all things amazing!

  • So I have to rave about these products for a quick minute because I’m obsessed and they deserve to be shared!!! Loved By Hollis is a local brand that uses active ozone as the primary ingredient in their products. Ozone oil is seriously magical and can be used for honestly almost anything Burns, cuts, scarring, skin irritations, inflammation, dry skin, facial cleansing... like seriously you name it. I personally use the cream, pure oil, and lip balm. I use the cream every night and it’s been an amazing moisturizer. I’ve noticed any impurities or pimple scars have totally cleared up! It’s also completely balanced my oily skin & reduced excess oil during the day (something I really struggle with). I’ve just started using the straight oil on small patches of eczema and I can seriously already see it clearing up.. stay tuned! I also use it to spot treat any pimples. The lip balm is also heaven especially when wearing a mask all day ALSO did I mention it all feels like butter and smells EXACTLY like the aftermath of a thunderstorm idk it’s incredible. Everything is currently 20% off for the holiday season and they also donate 10% of all revenue to families in need check this page out to learn more and see real success stories!!! You will not regret it

    Kelly H - Nutritionist, ON

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