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"we are north americas very first ozone dispensary, giving and loving to humans in need"

when you purchase our products 10% of revenue is donated to local "HOLLIStic" treatment centres to help subsidize clients in need

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Hollis Connor

Grow Towards Wellness With The Freelance Healer

Hollis Connor began the journey as the Freelance Healer in 2016. Diagnosed with stage 4 metastic breast cancer, Hollis was forced to make some life changing decisions that we would later gain from and learn. The Freelance Healer's promise is to offer the tools you need, providing a path for a healthier future!  So she created Loved by Hollis a company with health products and more in mind. 


The Freelance Healer

Live Beyond The Norm

In order to live a higher quality life, maintaining optimal wellness is key. Everything we feel and do relates to our well-being and directly affects our actions and emotions.  Visit our prefered local health store for great information and deals and Loved by Hollis products. 💜

Nutrition Plus Health Market
Scott Connor

Your Health Is Your Motivation

Exercise is at the core of inner health...Our friends at Namaste North Yoga studio in Barrie offer a wide variety of classes for the body, mind and soul. Everything we feel and do relates to our well-being, it directly affects our actions and emotions leaving Namaste North is a safe space to explore you.

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Launched on August 9th 2020 and located in Victoria, BC, Loved by Hollis is the vision of co-creators Hollis and Scott Connor.  Together they established a company that provides natural products enabling everyday families the opportunity to embrace a safer, chemical free beauty line for the entire family with no recourse.

In August 2019 Hollis Connor died before witnessing her dream of Loved by Hollis being a reality.  Hollis’ vision was unassuming, save lives by any means necessary using her experience from the previous four years of hardship, documenting and providing unique tools and information to help thwart cancer, terminal diagnoses, and poor health prevention focusing on promoting wellness in our everyday life.  Although Scotts wife died due complications of cancer, Hollis had introduced Ozone into her life and in doing so, aided in her wellbeing, so we witnessed first-hand the power of ozone! 💜
With this knowledge we are planting a seed and creating products containing the cleanest, smartest, and most ingenious ingredient ever...Ozone (o3). 

Harnessing the natural power of Oxygen (o2) Scott has utilized his cooking expertise and crafted unique ozone recipes by suspending o3 in high quality olive oil.  Introducing ozone oil to home made products such as activated charcoal tooth scrub, and UV protecting o3 lip balm, Scott has combined cooking and chemistry to Loved by Hollis concepts, while eliminating chemicals and harmful substances.  With this awareness, Loved by Hollis provides products that can prevent negative effects of similar conventional products that are currently on the market, and we believe we are painting a picture, while scratching the surface of an untapped market for the everyday home, being mindful of health and wellness, and reducing harmful products in the modern household.

What you think about lbh 💜


So I have to rave about these products for a quick minute because I’m obsessed and they deserve to be shared!!! 💜 @lovedbyhollis is a local brand that uses active ozone as the primary ingredient in their products. Ozone oil is seriously magical and can be used for honestly almost anything 🙏🏻 Burns, cuts, scarring, skin irritations, inflammation, dry skin, facial cleansing... like seriously you name it.I personally use the cream, pure oil, and lip balm. I use the cream every night and it’s been an amazing moisturizer. I’ve noticed any impurities or pimple scars have totally cleared up! It’s also completely balanced my oily skin & reduced excess oil during the day (something I really struggle with).I’ve just started using the straight oil on small patches of eczema and I can seriously already see it clearing up.. stay tuned! I also use it to spot treat any pimples 🙌🏼The lip balm is also heaven especially when wearing a mask all day ALSO did I mention it all feels like butter and smells EXACTLY like the aftermath of a thunderstorm idk it’s incredible.Everything is currently 20% off for the holiday season and they also donate 10% of all revenue to families in need💜💜💜 check this page out to learn more and see real success stories!!! You will not regret it 💜.

Kelly H


I have been using the ozone oil for a little while now and I am loving it. I’ve been using it to help clear up a few irritated spots that scabbed and wouldn’t heal, the oil is working incredibly well! I am no longer feeling uncomfortable and the spots are almost gone. I can’t say enough about this product, it has definitely become a must have in my home!

Morgan G


Great products!  I had a rash on my arm and no matter what the doctors prescribed nothing worked until now...Completly cleared up with ozone where have you been LBH? I went back online and purchased the sun cream and lip balm and have since tossed out all other products.  Did I mentioned they are a small boutique Canadian company?  


Paul F

Amazing must have product!

We love using this product for all of the things. To cuts and scrapes on the kids, to brushing our teeth and gums with it, to mixing it with essential oils for headache relief!! It literally is endless. Such a great product to have in your tool kit!!


I have just received the sun cream and lip balm to the UK within 8 days!  Such fast delivery and The Freelance Healer gets your order out straight away too! I really like both products and they really smooth on, and the funny thing is it feels nice wearing natural products. I would highly recommend...❤️

Wow! The oil is amazing for lip care!, there was immensely LESS pain and discomfort than EVER before in my life! And the scar is already disappearing.

I also use a bit on the incision scar from a surgery in November. In only 2 weeks it looks like it's been years instead of months since the operation.

Thanks Scott! I will be recommending this oil!


Game ChangerI tried the oil on a cluster of ant bites on my leg and within an hour the swelling had gone down and the itching had stopped. I applied it again before bed and in the morning the swelling was completely gone and all that was left were small red circles that were 1/4 the size they were the day prior. Talk about speeding up healing time, WOW!